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‘Uthman Burns All Other Manuscripts, PEOPLE WERE PLEASED WITH HIS DECISION

Source: “History of Quranic Text” by M. M. Al Azami

With the task complete, the ink on the final copy dry, and duplicate copies dispatched, there was NO NEED FOR THE NUMEROUS FRAGMENTS OF THE QUR’AN CIRCULATING IN PEOPLE’S HANDS. So ALL SUCH FRAGMENTS WERE BURNED. Mus’ab bin Sa’d asserts that the PEOPLE WERE PLEASED WITH ‘UTHMAN’S DECISION; at the very least NO ONE VOICED ANY OBJECTIONS.” Other reports confirm this unanimous approval, INCLUDING ‘ALL BIN ABI: Talib who says,

By Allah, he did what he did with these fragments in the presence of us all [i.e. and none of us objected].


A Committee to Oversee the Task Makes an Independent Copy if the MUSHAF

This article shows you a committee for the arrangement of Mushaf Uthman.
Prove that the mushaf composed by the companions of Prophet Muhammad.

Source: “History of Quranic Text” by M. M. Al Azami

i. Appointing a Committee of Twelve to Oversee the Task

The second account is somewhat more complex. Ibn SIrIn (d. 110 A.H.)

When ‘Uthman decided to collect (~) the Qur’an, he assembled a committee of twelve from both the Quraish and the Ansar, Among them, were Ubayy bin Ka’b and Zaid bin Thabit.

The identities of these twelve can be pieced together from various sources. Al-Mu’arrij as-Sadusi states, “The newly-prepared Mushaf was shown to

(1) Sa’td b. al-‘A~ b. Sa’ld b. al-‘As
(2) Nafi’ b. Zuraib b. ‘Amr b. Naufal.” Others include
(3) Zaid b. Thabit,
(4) Ubayy b. Ka’b,
(5) ‘Abdullah b. az-Zubair,
(6) ‘Abdur-Rahman b. Hisham, and
(7) Kathir b. Aflah.” Ibn Hajar
(8) Anas b. Malik,
(9) ‘Abdullah b. ‘Abbas, and
(10) Malik b. AbI ‘Amir.J2 And al-Baqillani
(11) ‘Abdullah b. ‘Umar
(12)’Abdullah b. ‘Amr b. al-‘As.