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A long series of analogies exists between Mithras and Jesus

A long series of analogies exist between him [Mithras] and Jesus:

Mithras was born on December 25.

Surrounded by shepherds who brought gifts.

He was venerated on the day of the sun (Sunday).

He bore a halo around his head.

He celebrated a last supper with his faithful followers before returning to his father.

He was said not to have died, but to have ascended to heaven from where he would return in the last days to raise the dead and judge them.

He guaranteed his followers immortality after baptism.


The followers of Mithras believed:

the immortality of the soul.

the last judgment

They celebrated the atoning death of a saviour who had risen on a Sunday

They celebrated a ceremony corresponding to the Catholic Mass during which they consumed consecrated bread and wine in memory of the last supper of Mithras 

 during the ceremony they used hymns, bells, candles, and holy water.