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False Prophecies of the Bible

False Prophecy #1 – Matthew 12:40
Jesus incorrectly predicted the day of his own resurrection
False Prophecy #2 – Matthew 12:38-40
Jesus prophesied falsely about many major events in his own ministry
False Prophecy #3 – Matthew 2:23
A fraudulent claim that a prophecy was fulfilled
False Prophecy #4 – John 13:18
Jesus claimed that he fulfilled a “prophecy” in Psalm 41 that cannot possibly be talking about him
False Prophecy #5 – Matthew 2:12-18
Jeremiah never predicted “The Slaughter of the Innocents” like Matthew said he did
False Prophecy #6 – Matthew 1:11-12
If Old Testament prophecy is true, then Matthew’s genealogy proves that Jesus cannot be the Messiah
False Prophecy #7 – Matthew 1:23
Isaiah’s famous Messianic prophecy wasn’t one
False Prophecy #8 – Matthew 2:14-15
Matthew twists Hosea’s words and takes them badly out of context to create a “prophecy”
False Prophecy #9 – Matthew 5:18
This one verse, attributed to Jesus himself, contains two contradictions and a false prophecy Read more of this post