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Abrogation Mentioned in Bible

It is so interesting. The Christians fuzzing about Abrogations of verses in Al-Qur’an, but we can find a similar case in the Bible.
It is in Hebrews 7: 18
New International Version (NIV)

Other translation:
New King James Version
18. For on the one hand there is an ANNULLING OF THE FORMER COMMANDMENT because of its weakness and unprofitableness.

But this translation mentions ABROGATION.
Weymouth New Testament

On the one hand, we have here the ABROGATION OF AN EARLIER CODE because it was weak and ineffective.
Link: https://www.biblestudytools.com/wnt/hebrews/7.html

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The verse of stoning and suckling being eaten by the Goat

Source: https://muslimallegationhunters.home.blog/2019/10/18/the-verse-of-stoningsuckling-being-eaten-by-the-goat/

Christian Missionaries have led a new dishonest campaign of an apparent “proof” that Muslims have corrupted the Quran. Their argument is a Hadith from Sunan Ibn Majah which apparently demonstrates a goat eating the absent verse of suckling and stoning. I will touch on this topic as i go on.

Before we begin we must clarify on the concept of ‘Naskh’ (abrogation)

There are three types of abrogation in the Quran…

Ibn Salama says:

The scholars have divided abrogation into three kinds:

1)Abrogation of the recited (verse) together with the legal ruling.

2)Abrogation of the legal ruling without the recited (verse).

3)Abrogation of the recited (verse) without the legal ruling.

[1] Al-nasikh wa al-mansukh by Ibn Salama pg 5

Ahmad von Denffer said:

For abrogation of the recited (verse) together with its legal ruling:

‘A’isha (Allah be pleased with her) reported that it had been revealed in the Holy Qur’an that ten clear sucklings make the marriage unlawful, then it was abrogated (and substituted) by five sucklings and Allah’s apostle (may peace be upon him) died and it was before that time (found) in the Holy Qur’an (and recited by the Muslims). [34 Muslim, II, No. 3421.]

For abrogation of a legal ruling without the recited (verse):

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Missing Verse On Suckling?




Bassam Zawadi


Here are the hadiths which supposedly speak about the “missing verse” from the Qur’an:

Saheeh Muslim 

Book 008, Number 3421:

‘A’isha (Allah be pleased with, her) reported that it had been revealed in the Holy Qur’an that ten clear sucklings make the marriage unlawful, then it was abrogated (and substituted) by five sucklings and Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) died and it was before that time (found) in the Holy Qur’an (and recited by the Muslims).

Malik’s Muwatta

Book 030, Hadith Number 017.
Section : Suckling in General.

Yahya related to me from Malik from Abdullah ibn Abi Bakr ibn Hazm from Amra bint Abd ar-Rahman that A’isha, the wife of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, “Amongst what was sent down of the Qur’an was ‘ten known sucklings make haram’ – then it was abrogated by ‘five known sucklings’. When the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, died, it was what is now recited of the Qur’an.” Yahya said that Malik said, “One does not act on this.” Read more of this post

Response to Slander – Prophet (SAW) Wearing Woman Clothing



Black slaves of the white Prophet? Talk about Racism and slavery.

In order to portray the Prophet (ﷺ) as a racist, special emphasis has been laid on the contrast between colours where he is shown as a very whitish white man as compared to the dark slaves he owned. Firstly, his (ﷺ)’s colour was not what we consider today as white i.e. of European origin. That white was referred to as yellow by the Arabs[1] (either due to the blonde hair or the skin colour) and what the Arabs meant by white was a light skinned person from the Arabic skin tone.

Secondly, the Prophet (ﷺ) did not own only black slaves. Slavery was common in those days and slaves came in all colours and races. He (ﷺ) came as a prophet in a society where racism was rampant and slaves existed from before who were black as well as Arab. To say that he only owned black slaves would be a deceit. One may ask as to why he continued to own slaves even if slavery was rampant instead of letting them free? Here is a quote from a historical book on slavery:

Noting the differences with chattel slavery in the Americas, Europeans often characterized slaver in the IOW as mild. The British in 19th century India even descried slavery as a form of poor relief, saving destitute people from starvation.

This helps explain the remarkable absence of class-consciousness and of revolt amongst IOW slaves who generally sought to integrate themselves into the slave-holding society that provided them with basic sustenance and sometimes the chance of an enhance lifestyle. It also explains why some slaves who were presented with the opportunity to gain freedom through manumission or redemption rejected it in favour of retaining their slave status.[2]

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Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) descended from Isma’il (عليه السلام)


Source: https://qurananswers.me/2015/07/09/muhammad-from-ismail/

People harbouring hate for the Messenger (ﷺ) of God Almighty have created reasons to deny him since ages. Sometimes the Prophet Isma’il (عليه السلام) is condemned while quite recently, it has been alleged that Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) was not his descendant. At least it is a step forward where a Messenger of God ((Isma’il (عليه السلام)) is not condemned, abused and hated like he was previously done so.

A quick way to earn fame or money these days is to come up with absurd and wild conspiracy theories; the bigger they are the better they provide an earning. Some atheists have alleged that Prophet Eisa (عليه السلام) did not exist and following their footsteps, some vile ones from the Christians have made similar claims about Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ). Following this conspiracy theory approach, a hollow piece by Amari alleges that Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) was not a descendant of Isma’il (عليه السلام).[1] We shall see how true the claim really is.

Background to the claim

The surprising thing about the claim is the approach used for it. The background approach adopted is that the earth is 6,000 years old and hence if anything of history contradicts this ‘self-claimed fact’, then that is false. To take accounts from a scripture, that mentions a 6,000 year old civilization, would not be a wise thing to do. Furthermore, if the author of the claim had paid a little attention inside his glass house[2], he would have thought better. However, on top of that, the author makes some really silly claims such as: Read more of this post

Answering Claim about Nabtal al-Harith

Source: https://alajamwalarab.com/nabtal-ibn-haarith/

There have been many claims about how the Prophet may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon compared the devil to a ‘black man’ . These claims are based upon a report that have gone virtually unexplained and or unchallenged.

Let us first, look at the report :
Al Qurtoby may Allah have mercy upon him mentions in his explanation of the Quran. In his explanation, he uses the term ADAM:
Ibn Ishaaq said, ” Nabtal was a stocky man with unkempt hair on his head and his beard was unkempt too, he was ADAM in complexion with red eyes and reddish black cheeks. He was a deformed creation.” And he(Nabtal) is whom the Prophet may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon said, ”Whoever would like to see the devil should look at Nabtal.”
قاله ابن إسحاق . وكان نبتل رجلا جسيما ثائر شعر الرأس واللحية ، آدم أحمر العينين أسفع الخدين مشوه الخلقة ، وهو الذي قال فيه النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم : من أراد أن ينظر إلى الشيطان فلينظر إلى نبتل بن الحارث .

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Noble Quran is not copied from Bible but Corrects biblical corruption

22 Evidences of biblical corruption and Noble Quran Corrects Bible mistakes

Noble Quran is not copied from bible but Corrects biblical corruption and restores Pure Gospel of Jesus in the form of Last and Final Testament “Al-Quran”

Scientific Comparison: Quran vs Bible

Point No 1:
Bible Says: The flat Earth is established and can never move?! The Sun hurries back to where it rises?! The Psalm 104:5 Psalm 93:1 Psalm 96:10 and Ecclesiastes 1:5 verses from the NIV Bible.

On the other hand Quran says: For those who would like to see the where in the Noble Quran does Allah Almighty say that the planets in space rotate and move, read the following Noble Verse:

“It is He who created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon, all (the celestial bodies) swim along, each in its orbit with its own motion. (The Noble Quran, 21:33)” so Quran is not copied from bible.

Point No 2:
Regarding ‘the Heavens’, the Bible says in Job, Ch. 26, Verse 11, that…‘The pillars of the Heaven will tremble.’ Qur’an says in Surah Luqman, Ch. 31, Verse No.10, Corrects that…‘The Heavens are without any pillars – Don`t you see? Don’t you see the Heavens are without any pillars? – Bible says heaven have got pillars. Where are those pillars? I could not see it nor the science. So, if you cannot see those biblical pillars then remember; Surely Quran was not copied from bible. Read more of this post

The March of Khalid Ibn Walid to destroy Al-Uzza (Idol)


السيرة النبوية لابن هشام …


The March Of Khalid lbn Al-Walid To Ruin Al-‘Uzza
“Then the Messenger of Allah [peace be upon him] sent Khalid Ibn Al­ Walid to Al-‘Uzza at Nakhlah, a house which the pagans of Quraysh, Kinanah and all the tribes of Mudar exalted; and its custodians and guardians belonged to Banu Shayban of Sulaym, the allies of Banu Hashim. Hearing about the coming of Khalid, its guardian hung a sword to its neck and supported it to the mountain where it was, and asked it to kill Khalid once he would come to attack it otherwise it would not deserve to be worshipped. When Khalid reached HE RUINED IT ENTIRELY AND THEN RETURNED TO THE MESSENGER OF ALLAH [peace be upon him].”


khalid uzza


Destruction of temple

The Muslim historian Hisham Ibn Al-Kalbi mentions the event in his book the “Book of Idols” as follows:

Ibn-‘Abbas said: Al-‘Uzza was a she-devil which used to frequent three trees in the valley of Nakhlah. When the Prophet captured Mecca, he dispatched Khalid ibn-al-Walid saying, “Go to the valley of Nakhlah; there you will find three trees. Cut down the first one.” Khalid went and cut it down. On his return to report, the Prophet asked him saying, “Have you seen anything there?” Khalid replied and said, “No.”

The Prophet ordered him to return and cut down the second tree. He went and cut it down. On his return to report the Prophet asked him a second time, “Have you seen anything there?” Khalid answered, “No.”

Thereupon the Prophet ordered him to go back and cut down the third tree. When Khalid arrived on the scene he found an Abyssinian woman with dishevelled hair and her hands placed on her shoulder[s], gnashing and grating her teeth.

Behind her stood Dubayyah al-Sulami who was then the warden of al-‘Uzza…

Turning to the woman, he dealt her a blow which severed her head in twain, and lo, she crumbled into ashes. He then cut down the tree and killed Dubayyah the warden, after which he returned to the Prophet and reported to him his exploit.

Thereupon the Prophet said, “That was al-‘Uzza. But she is no more. The Arabs shall have none after her. Verily she shall never be worshipped again.”

[The Book of Idols, By Hisham Ibn-Al-Kalbi, pages 25-26]

Safiyya bint Huyay (r.anha)

Source: https://questionsonislam.com/article/safiyya-bint-huyay-ranha

Safiyya bint Huyayy (whose real name was Zaynab) was among the captives when Khaybar was conquered. She was the daughter of Huyay bin Ahtab, the chief of Banu Nadr. She came from the lineage of Hz. Harun (Aaron). She was married to Kinana, son of Rabi bin Huqayq, one of the leaders of Khaybar Jews. Her husband was killed during the Battle of Khaybar.

While the mujahids were returning to Madinah, the Prophet asked Hz. Bilal to bring Safiyya to her. When she arrived, the Prophet told her about Islam and made her the following offer: “If you become a Muslim, I will marry you. If you choose to remain a Jew, I will free you and you can join your tribe.”

Hz. Safiyya saw in her dream that she would be a wife of the Prophet. She was expecting such a proposal. She made her mind without hesitation and said,

“O Messenger of Allah! Before you called me to Islam, I wanted to be a Muslim when the army settled and approved your prophethood. I have no relation with Jews now and I do not need them. I have neither my father nor my brother in Khaybar from now on. You ask me to choose between unbelief and Islam. Allah and the Messenger of Allah are much better for me than being freed and going back to my nation.” Read more of this post