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The March of Khalid Ibn Walid to destroy Al-Uzza (Idol)


السيرة النبوية لابن هشام …


The March Of Khalid lbn Al-Walid To Ruin Al-‘Uzza
“Then the Messenger of Allah [peace be upon him] sent Khalid Ibn Al­ Walid to Al-‘Uzza at Nakhlah, a house which the pagans of Quraysh, Kinanah and all the tribes of Mudar exalted; and its custodians and guardians belonged to Banu Shayban of Sulaym, the allies of Banu Hashim. Hearing about the coming of Khalid, its guardian hung a sword to its neck and supported it to the mountain where it was, and asked it to kill Khalid once he would come to attack it otherwise it would not deserve to be worshipped. When Khalid reached HE RUINED IT ENTIRELY AND THEN RETURNED TO THE MESSENGER OF ALLAH [peace be upon him].”


khalid uzza


Destruction of temple

The Muslim historian Hisham Ibn Al-Kalbi mentions the event in his book the “Book of Idols” as follows:

Ibn-‘Abbas said: Al-‘Uzza was a she-devil which used to frequent three trees in the valley of Nakhlah. When the Prophet captured Mecca, he dispatched Khalid ibn-al-Walid saying, “Go to the valley of Nakhlah; there you will find three trees. Cut down the first one.” Khalid went and cut it down. On his return to report, the Prophet asked him saying, “Have you seen anything there?” Khalid replied and said, “No.”

The Prophet ordered him to return and cut down the second tree. He went and cut it down. On his return to report the Prophet asked him a second time, “Have you seen anything there?” Khalid answered, “No.”

Thereupon the Prophet ordered him to go back and cut down the third tree. When Khalid arrived on the scene he found an Abyssinian woman with dishevelled hair and her hands placed on her shoulder[s], gnashing and grating her teeth.

Behind her stood Dubayyah al-Sulami who was then the warden of al-‘Uzza…

Turning to the woman, he dealt her a blow which severed her head in twain, and lo, she crumbled into ashes. He then cut down the tree and killed Dubayyah the warden, after which he returned to the Prophet and reported to him his exploit.

Thereupon the Prophet said, “That was al-‘Uzza. But she is no more. The Arabs shall have none after her. Verily she shall never be worshipped again.”

[The Book of Idols, By Hisham Ibn-Al-Kalbi, pages 25-26]

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