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Scripture Passages Tampered With by UBS’ The Greek New Testament and many modern versions

Jesse M. Boyd (THE AUTHOR) :”The latest “Original Greek” to hit the markets is the work of the United Bible Societies’ The Greek New Testament. It is perhaps the most well-known Greek edition in modern times and, consequently, is the textbook for Greek classes in many colleges and seminaries across the country. At Liberty University, for example, this edition is handled as an object of deep reverence in student circles. Its has been referred to as “The Greek New Testament,” “The True Word of God,” “The Real Bible,” “The Original Scriptures,” and “The Infallible Word.”

1:25 – “Firstborn” is out (speaking of the Lord Jesus).
5:44 – “Bless them that curse you” is out.
6:13 – “Kingdom, Power, and Glory” is out.
6:27 – “Stature” is changed to span of life.
8:29 – “Jesus” is out (as Son of God).
9:13 – “to repentance” is out (calling sinners . . .).
12:35 – “Of the heart” is out (Good treasure . . .).
12:47 – Verse is bracketed as doubtful (About Christ’s mother).
13:51 – “Jesus said unto them” and “Lord” is out.
15:8 – “Draweth unto me with their mouth” is out.
16:3 – “O ye hypocrites” is out.
16:20 – “Jesus” is out.
17:21 – Verse is out (about prayer and fasting).
18:11 – Verse is out (Tells that Jesus came to save).
19:17 – “God” is out (None good but God).
20:7 – “Whatsoever is right receive” is out.
20:16 – “Many be called but few chosen” is out.
20:22 – “Baptized with Christ’s baptism” is out.
21:44 -Verse is bracketed as doubtful (About Christ the stone).
23:14 – Verse is out (Woe to scribes and hypocrites).
25:13 – “Wherein the Son of Man cometh” is out.
27:35 – “Fulfilled spoken by the prophet” is out.
27:54 – “The Son of God” is changed to “A Son of God” in modern versions.
28:2 – “From the door” is out.
28:9 – “They went to tell his disciples” is out. Read more of this post

Re-Examining Banu Qurayzah Incident

Admin: Have you ever heard the Non-Muslims or Islamophobes claiming Prophet Muhammad pbuh killing 900 Jews? Please read the article below for the FACTS.

by  • JANUARY 1, 2016

Re-Examining Banu Qurayzah Incident

Kaleef K. Karim & Aliyu Musa Misau


1. Introduction
2. Jewish tribes Made a Pact with Muslims
3. Events that Occurred Before Quraiza Incident
4. Prophet Muhammed Thwarted Their Plans
5. Banu Qurayza Siding, Waging War and Supplying Enemies with Weapons
6. Banu Qurayza were Left to Face the Music Alone
7. Who were Killed?
8. Were Children Killed?
9. Were All the Banu Qurayza Men Killed?
10. How Many Men of the Quraiza were Killed?
11. Anti-Semitism Claim
12. Conclusion

1. Introduction

The aim of this article is to examine an episode in the life time of Prophet Muhammed (p), concerning the Banu Qurayza warrior-men being killed. In this piece, we will respond to claims orientalists and other critics have made regarding this incident of the Arab Jewish tribe, Banu Qurayza.

For many reasons, it is obvious that this episode of the Banu Qurayza incident has had a lot of attention from non-Muslim scholars and apologists. But, we find a lot of their conclusions about it has either been lacking substance in showing the true picture of the event or deliberately misconstrued this historical event in showing Prophet Muhammed (p) in a bad light for allowing Sa’d ibn Mu’adh (a former Jew) to judge those that committed treachery.

2. Jewish tribes made a Pact with Muslims

The Muslims, fleeing persecution from Makkah, found Medina (Yathrib) a safe sanctuary to live in. Shortly after the persecuted Muslims arrived and welcomed in Medina. They made a pact with the Jewish tribe Banu Quraiza (and other tribes) that so it happens if an enemy were to attack Madinah, they would all protect each other and will not aid the enemy in any way. These facts are related to us in a number of early sources: Read more of this post

50,000 errors in the bible

By Ahmad Deedat

The Jehovah’s Witnesses in their “AWAKE!” Magazine dated 8 September, 1957, carried this startling headline “50,000 Errors in The Bible?”.



While I was still formulating the theme of this booklet, I heard a knock at my door one Sunday morning. I opened the door. A European gentleman stood there, grinning broadly. “Good morning’” he said. “Good morning” I replied. He was offering me his “Awake” and “Watchtower” magazines. Yes, a Jehovah’s Witness! If a few had knocked at your door previously, you will recognize them immediately. The most supercilious lot of people who ever knocked at people’s doors! I invited him in.

As soon as he settled down, I produced the full reproduction of what you see below. Pointing to the monograph at the top of the page, I asked, “Is this your’s?” He readily recognised his own. I said, “It says: 50,000 Errors in the Bible, is it true?” “What’s that!” he exclaimed. I repeated, “I said, that it says, that there are 50,000 errors in your Bible.” “Where did you get that?” Read more of this post

Commentary On The Hadith “War Is Deceit”

by  • JANUARY 24, 2015

The Prophet said, “War is deceit.” (Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 52, Number 269)

The above Hadith is often cited by critics that it sanctions Muslims to lie in all circumstances in order to ‘deceive’ non-believers. This is a lie, nowhere in the Hadith does it say anything of such. However, in the passage, it speaks about war, that one is allowed to use deception in order to gain the upper hand. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Hence, war is always itself a form of deceit, no parties in war would alert or tell the other what they are going to do, and then proceed. No army would inform the enemy of their movements or when they’re going to advance. Imam Nawawi in his commentary on this Hadith states that this only allowed in ‘war’:

Commentary: ‘khad’ah’ means deception, i.e., employing a strategy which causes misunderstanding to the enemy, and one real’s intent does not become evident to them. This is permissible in Islam in the state of war. – (Riyad-us-Saliheen – chapter 234: Number 1352)

Islamic Scholar, Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid Read more of this post


“O you who believe! Fight those of the disbelievers who are close to you, and let them find harshness in you, and know that Allah is with those who are the righteous.” Quran 9:123

Greetings of Peace on you. If you are here it means you are either a Muslim who has been directed to this by someone who hates Islam or you have some hate towards Islam in your heart. Either ways, I am presenting a justification to the Quranic verse 9:123 here to end the misconception associated with it and to change that hate.

If you don’t wish to read this long article then I will give you a short answer. Quran Does not tell the Muslims to fight the disbelievers ALL THE TIME EVERYWHERE UNDER ALL CIRCUMSTANCES. Even to think so is foolishness. Verse 9:123 was revealed with a battle-like situation and several conditions and contexts in the background. It commands the Muslims to fight those who are hostile to them and strategically starting from the nearest ones. How do we know this? It is because elsewhere the Quran commands the believers to cease hostilities if the other party also ceases implying that the hostilities can never resume unless the other party initiates the hostility.

“But if the enemy incline towards peace, do thou (also) incline towards peace, and trust in God: for He is One that heareth and knoweth (all things).” Quran 8:61

Read more of this post

Muslims do not Worship MOON GOD / The moon god claim is false.

By Yahya Snow

Evangelicals Claim that Muslims Worship the “Moon God”. Is this True? NO!The claim is a false claim as Muslims worship Allah, Allah simply means ‘the god’in Arabic (1).The reason why I am writing this article is because I, although being familiarwith this piece of Christian evangelical propaganda, came in direct contact withthis claim quite recently.I was in my local Waterstones (A well-known chain of bookshops in the UK); I hadalready purchased a book by Bart Ehrman from one of its competitors but went intoWaterstones and purchased Karen Armstrong’s Islam a Short History. Beforepurchasing this book I browsed through it and found a little comic strip bookletsentitled Allah Had No Son (published by Chick Publications). My initial reactionwas that this booklet was a free complementary booklet to introduce the reader tothe idea of the Islamic belief; God is One and has no partner or co-equal, i.e.Islamic (pure) monotheism. I looked into this booklet and realised it wasChristian evangelical propaganda in the form of a comic strip claiming thatMuslims are worshipping a ‘moon god’. Simultaneously, it became quite apparentthat a Christian missionary had been into the store and left this material in thebook so to cloud any research of Islam an honest individual may be undertaking.Looking at it personally, the comic-booklet did seem to be bordering along thelines of racial-stereotyping.Condemning the methodology of sabotage that the evangelist employed is not thepurpose of this article; the purpose is solely in the view of debunking theChristian evangelical claim.This claim is more prevalent in north America and seems to have originated fromthat region as well as that region containing many of the propagators andbelievers in such a claim. The ‘moon god’ claim is in fact quite dated now and hasbeen debunked and refuted many times over by Muslims so it is a little surprisingthat the Christian evangelical community still use it in their attempts to ensnareMuslims. Of course, their continued usage of this claim, suggests eitherdishonesty or ignorance of the solid refutations Muslims have put forward.Dr Robert Morey is infamous for this claim amongst Muslims, in fact the comicstrip booklet (Allah had no Son by Chick Publications) uses Morey as a reference!Jack G. Shaheen, outlines an instance of an eager evangelist spreading the claim;in 1996 Janet Parshals, a Christian evangelical host of a radio program, toldlisteners that Muslims worship the “moon god”(2)(3). Ibrahim Hooper (CAIR), in1996, informed Shaheen that the “moon god” myth is commonly believed amongstevangelical Christian communities ‘who perpetuate such fantasies in their comicbooks’ (3).Having said all this we still need to show this claim to be incorrect to avoid anyconfusion and doubt. The best place to start is the Quran. The Quran is believedto be the verbatim Word of God (Allah) by Muslims. What has the Quran outlinedabout ‘moon worship’? The Quran teaches us not to worship the moon or the sun butto worship Allah (the One who created them)41:37- Among His Signs are the Night and the Day, and the Sun and the Moon. Adorenot the sun and the moon, but adore Allah, Who created them, if it is Him ye wishto serve. (4)So Muslims do not deify the moon nor the sun but worship Allah. As touched uponearlier, Allah is the Arabic personal name for God. W.Montgomery Watt tells usthat Arab Christians, Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant use Allah as the word forGod. In fact he goes on further and teaches us the word Allah is similar to the New Testament ho theos and both simply mean ‘the god’ (1). The meaning of Allah as‘God’ is also confirmed by Karen Armstrong (5). Interestingly enough, these twofamous Western scholars of Islam do not suggest Allah is a ‘moon god’ but theseclaims come from the evangelical Christian camp that has an agenda of evangelismthat compromises their objectivity.I also note there is some confusion and conflation with the fact that the wordAllah existed before the Prophet Mohammed’s time on Earth and the Arab pagans’ useof the word Allah. It is disappointing that we have people who lack soundhistorical and theological scholarship who write propaganda pieces in the form ofbooklets or internet articles about this issue. It just further illustrates truthin the adage; a little knowledge is dangerous.Yes, we (those who have studied Islam) know that the name Allah was in use beforethe time of Prophet Muhammed. If we read Ar-Raheeq ul-Makhtum we realise that theearly Arabs did believe in Allah as the Only God. This is dated all the way backto the time of Prophet Ishmael who resided in Makkah (Mecca) and learned Arabic aswell as settling there(8). He preached the message of pure monotheism; “Most ofthe Arabs had complied with the call of Ishmael and professed the religion of hisfather Abraham. They worshipped Allah, professed His Oneness and followed Hisreligion…” (9). What this shows is that Allah was known as the Only God, justlike the Muslims believe Him to be. Indeed Abraham and Ishmael are considered tobe Muslims, i.e. those who had submitted to the Will of the Only God, Allah. Theissue of paganism came into the equation as the Arabs forgot this pure monotheismwhich was taught by Ishmael and his followers. The idolatry was originated fromthe actions of a man named Amr bin Luhai, he was known as a devoted and righteousman, well respected by his peers. However, after a trip away from Mecca he sawidol-worship in Syria. Upon his return to the Meccans he introduced idol worshipto the Meccans by bringing an idol named Hubal back from Syria and this resultedin the spread of a great many idols across Mecca. Indeed there were 360 differentidols, belonging to the pagans of Mecca, around the Ka’bah when Prophet Muhammedtook charge of Mecca. These idols were subsequently broken, removed and burnedunder the authority of Prophet Muhammed (10).Despite the Meccan pagans’ acceptance of idols they still proclaimed belief inAllah in the sense that they saw Allah as the High God but used the idols as‘lesser deities’ whom they believed “could intercede before Allah for thefulfilment of their wishes” (11).Quite simply they had a pantheon of ‘gods’ butbelieved that Allah was the High God of their pantheon (5) Effectively over theyears they changed their belief in Allah, from the belief that Allah was the OnlyGod (the Abrahamic teachings) to the belief that Allah was the High God of theirmany deities. Another source that attests to the fact that the pre-Islamic Arabsused the name Allah and held a ‘belief’ in Him is the genealogy of ProphetMuhammed, his father’s name was actually Abdullah (meaning servant of Allah)(12).Interestingly enough, some of these pagan Arabs believed that Allah was the sameGod that the Jews and Christians worshipped (5).The point of the history lesson is to dispel confusion being aroused via ignoranceof history. This also squashes the ignorance that the anti-Islamics play on whenthey try to claim that Allah was a ‘moon god’ due to His name being around duringpre-Islamic times. Essentially the critic of Islam (including Robert Morey whodoes it implicitly) makes a fallacious conflation of two facts. The two pointsthat the Islamophobes somehow combine in order to arrive at their unsound ‘moongod’ claim are:1.The name Allah was in use prior to Islam2.Many mosques and flags of Muslim countries posses a symbol in the form of amoon. As the first point has been discussed and explained it is necessary to explain thesecond point before venturing further. Let it be said that the ‘moon’ symbol onsome mosques and flags has nothing to do with Islam. There is no teaching withinIslam that teaches the over-reverence of the moon nor instructing Muslims to adoptit as a representative symbol. Early Muslims did not use the crescent (moon) forflags nor Mosques and did not have any symbol to represent them. This symbolismwas introduced during the Ottoman Empire much later on and was adopted from a citythey conquered; “It wasn’t until the Ottoman Empire that the crescent moon andstar became affiliated with the Muslim world. When the Turks conqueredConstantinople (Istanbul) in 1453, they adopted the city’s existing flag andsymbol” (13). It should also be added that this symbolism is not seen as Islamicand many Muslims do not agree with the use of a symbol for Islam as highlighted bya quote from A popular Muslim Scholar, Yusuf Estes; “The symbol of Islam IS NOTthe crescent moon and the star, but it was used by the last Islamic Dynasty, theOttoman’s. The Ottoman Empire deemed it appropriate to use the star and crescentas their symbols, but not the symbols of Islam. I repeat, the star and thecrescent moon are not a part of the religion of Islam. Because Islam is so stricton the concept of no other gods with Allah; and no images of any kind; it is amistake to consider that Islam authorized the general use of such things.Additionally, Islam forbids the images (statues) of any kinds of humans, animalsor any of Allah’s creations, so how about using a symbol for Islam?” (13). Itwould also be useful to re-quote the English translation for the Quran (41:37)here:41:37- Among His Signs are the Night and the Day, and the Sun and the Moon. Adorenot the sun and the moon, but adore Allah, Who created them, if it is Him ye wishto serve. (4)There is no definitive reason why the Ottomans adopted the flag of Constantinople(now Istanbul) as the symbol for their empire. There is speculation about thefounder of their empire having a dream about the crescent moon but that is justspeculation. My personal view is that the Ottomans had reached a point of greatchange when they conquered Constantinople and were “in a position to establish anempire”(14). They were euphoric in their capture of this city as it wasprophesized by Prophet Muhammed that the Muslims would take Constantinople oneday. This prophesy was fulfilled in 1453, roughly 800 years after the ProphetMuhammed prophesized this event (15) and in some sort of rivalry to Christendom(who had the cross as their symbol) amalgamated with their prized capture theyadopted the crescent from the flag of Constantinople. Obviously I am giving myview about the crescent symbolism, it is by no means factual as we simply do notknow. The poignant fact amongst all this speculation is that the crescent moon hadno Islamic significance to it at all.Having cleared up the misconceptions about the crescent moon symbol and the use ofthe name Allah in pre-Islamic times we realise that Morey and other evangelistscombine these two points (outlined above) and play on people’s ignorance of thefacts as they claim that these two points somehow prove their delusive ‘moon god’claim. It is disappointing that people like Morey insult the intelligence oftheir audience by presenting such ignorant speculation as fact. Moreover, it doesseem hypocritical that they do not even attempt to make similar unscholarly andconflation arguments based on the symbolism within Judaism and Christianity asboth are now represented by symbols (the star and cross respectively). The answeris quite simple, their bias is not against Judaism or Christianity but it isagainst Islam. So Morey and thus who are parroting his ‘work’ need to realise thattheir bias is impeding their ability to produce accurate writings about Islam,thus rendering their ‘work’ as misleading mud-slinging.

Proof How Christians Spread Christianity by TAQIYYA / LIES. (Video)

Yusha Evans – Encounter with fake Ex Muslims and their tricks and games!



Lies about un-married woman and childless.

(Yahya Show)

Christian apologists misinforming about Islam is a regular thing. The way to counter it is by correcting it publicy and encouraging Christians to advise their leaders and apologists to stop presenting such arguments and deceptions. See the Jay Smith section for more information: http://thefactsaboutislam.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/Jay%20Smith

How a Pastor Keep Lying About Islam (Video).


(Yahya Show)




Jewish Rabbi tells the world about how Muslims treated the Jews with kindness and respect. (Video)

Examining Quran 9:29 – Does Islam Sanction The Killing Of Christians & Jews?

by  • JUNE 3, 2014

Kaleef K. Karim

The answer is no! This verse (Q. 9:29) is by far the most problematic I have come across when reading the Quran. I say it’s ‘problematic’ because this verse is the only one that I know of which does not give context. When looking at any other verses in the Quran, reading the verses before and after have always happened to give an explanation. However, this passage (Q. 9:29) does not. Let’s read it below:

Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were given the Scripture – [fight] until they give the jizyah willingly while they are humbled. – Qur’an 9:29

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Quran 9:5 – Sword Verse

Some misguided critics who happen to always come across this verse, and show it to people who know little about Islam. They give the impression that Islam sanctions the killing of Jews and Christians at all times. It is important to always get info from the most authentic sources i.e., by reading and collecting information from Muslims, rather than Islamophobes who spread hate, since their job is to bash Islam and Muslims. For example, would someone go to a Nazi to learn about Judaism – or would you do so to a better source such as a Jew who practices their religion on a daily basis? The answer would be obvious, is that you would learn from a Jewish person about Judaism. Upon commenting on this particular verse, one of the staunchest critics of Islam, Reverend E.M. Wherry, writes:

Vers. 29-128 refer to the events connected with the expedition to Tabuq, which occurred in Rajab of A.H. 9. They were not, however, all enunciated at one time, but partly before the expedition, partly on the march, and partly after the return. Vers. 29-35 may be referred to the time of arrival at Tabuq, when the Christian prince, John of Aylah, tendered his submission to Muhammad, paying tribute (Jazya). [1]

READAnswering Jihad: “Fight Against Those Who Do Not Believe” – Quran 9:29 Read more of this post