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The Biography of Muhammad shows that he was foretold in old Christian’s manuscript.

Source: THE LIFE OF MUHAMMAD, translation of Ishaq’s Sirat Rasul Allah.


Childhood of Prophet Muhammad. Abyssinian Christians testified the future of small Muhammad (pbuh).

A learned person told me that what urged his foster-mother to return him (Muhammad) to his mother, apart from what she told his mother, was that a number of Abyssinian Christians saw him with her when she brought him back after he had been weaned. They looked at him, asked questions about him, and studied him carefully, then they said to her, ‘Let us take this boy, and bring him to our king and our country; for he will have a great future. We know all about him.‘ The person who told me this alleged that she
could hardly get him away from them.

The Abyssinina Christians’ scripture foretold the Prophet to come and the description match with small Muhammad (pbuh).


The Monk Bahira testified the Prophethood of Muhammad (pbuh). 

Abu Thalib had planned to go in a merchant caravan to Syria, and when all preparations had been made for the journey, the apostle of God, so they allege, attached himself closely to him so that he took pity on him and said that he would take him with him, and that the two of them should never part; or words to that effect. When the caravan reached Busra in Syria there was a monk there in his cell by the name of Bahira who was well versed in the knowledge of Christians. A monk had always occupied that cell. There he gained his knowledge from a book that was in the cell so they allege, handed on from generation to generation. They had often passed by him in the past and he never spoke to them or took any notice of them until this year, and when they stopped near his cell he made a great feast for them. It is alleged that that was because of something he saw while in his cell. They allege that while he was in his cell he saw the
apostle of God in the caravan when they approached, with a cloud. overshadowing
him among the people. Then they came and stopped  in the shadow of a tree near the monk. He looked at the cloud when it overshadowed the tree, and its branches were bending nd droping over the apostle of God until he was in the shadow beneath it. When Bahira sawthat he came out of his cell and sent word to them, ‘I have prepared food
for you o men of Quraysh, and  I should like you all to come both great and small, bond and free. ‘ One of them said to him, ‘By God, Bahira something extraordinary has happened today, you used not to treat us so, and we have often passed by you. What has befallen you today: He answered, ‘You are right in what you say, but you are guest and I wish to honor you and give you food so that you may cat. So they gathered together with him, leaving the apostle of God behind, whit the baggage under the tree, on account of his extreme youth.  When Bahira looked at the people he did not see the mark which he knew and found in his books, so he said, ‘Do not let one of you remain behind and not come to my feast.
They told him that no one who ought to come had remain behind except a boy who was the youngest of them and had stayed with their baggage.
Thereupon he told them to invite him to come to the meal with them. One
of the men of Quraysh said, ‘By al-Uit and al-‘Uzzil, we are to blame for
leaving behind the son of ‘Abdullah b. ‘Abdu’l-Mugalib.’ Then he get up and embraced him and made him sit with the people. When Bahira saw him he stared at him closely, looking at his body and finding traces of his description (in the Christian books). When the people had finished eating and gone away, Bahira got up and said to him, Boy, I ask you by aI-lat and al-‘Uzza to answer my question. Now Bahira said this only because
he had heard his people swearing by these gods. They allege that the apostle of God said to him, “Do not ask me by al-Lat and al- Uzza, for by Allah nothing is more hateful to me than these two”. Bahira answered “Then by Allah, tell me what I ask”; he replied, “Ask me what you like”,  so he began to ask him about what happened in his sleep and his habits, and his affairs generally,  and what the apostle of God told him coincided with what Bahira knew of his description. Then he looked at his back and saw the seal of prophethood between his soulders in the very place described in his book. When, he had finished he went to his uncle Abu Talib and asked him what relation this boy was to  him, and when he told him he was his son, he, said that he was not, for It
could not be that the father of this boy was alive. “He is my nephew”, he said, and when he asked what had become of his father he told him that he had died before the child was born. ‘You have told the truth,‘ said Bahira. “Take your nephew back to his country and guard him carefully against the Jews, for by Allah! if they see him and know about him what I know, they will do him evil; a great future lies before this nephew of yours, so take him home quickly.”

So his uncle took him off quickly and brought him back to Mecca when he had finished his trading in Syria. People allege that Zurayr and Tammam and Daris, who were people of the scriptures) had noticed in the apostle of God what Bahira had seen during that journey which he took with his uncle, and they tried to get at him, but Bahira kept them away and reminded them of God and the mention of the description of him which
they would find in the sacred books, and that if they tried to get at him they would not succeed.

The description of a Prophet to come match with Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). There are two descriptions we have in this story:

  1. The Prophet’ father will pass away when he was small.
  2. You will find the “Seal of Prophethood between his soulders.



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