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Muhammad (pbuh) and the companions were Anti Idol Worship (Al-Lat and al-Uzza)

I made this article for me when I debating people who accuse Prophet Muhammad and the companions were involved worship the idols surrounding Ka’bah (include al-Lat and al-Uzza). The references taken from the BIOGRAPHIES OF MUHAMMAD.

Taken from The Life of Muhammad translation of Ishaq’s “Sirat Rasul Allah”

  1. Prophet (pbuh) call people to WORSHIP GOD ALONE AND DISAVOW THE IDOLS.

Page 115, under “Ali B. Abu Thalib the First Male To Accept Islam.”

lat and uzza

The following day ‘Ali b. Abu Talib came as the two of them were praying and asked, ‘What is this, Muhammad I’ He replied, ‘It is God’s religion which He has chosen for Himself and sent His apostles with it. “I CALL YOU TO GOD, THE ONE WITHOUT AN ASSOCIATE, TO WORSHIP HIM AND TO DISAVOW AL-LAT AND AL-‘UZZA.” Ali said, ‘This is something that I
have never heard of before today. I cannot decide a matter until I have talked about it with Abu Talib.’ Now the apostle did not want his secret to bedivulged before he applied himself to the publication of his message, so he said, ‘If you do not accept Islam, then conceal the matter.’ ‘Ali tarried that night until God put Islam into his heart. Early next morning he went to the apostle and asked him what his orders were. He said, ‘BEAR WITNESS THAT THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH ALONE WITHOUT ASSOCIATE, AND DISAVOW AL-LAT AND AL-‘UZZA, and renounce rivals.‘ Ali did so and became a Muslim. He refrained from coming to him out of fear ofAbu Talib and concealed his Islam and did not let it be seen.

2. The small Muhammad HATE al-Lat and al-Uzza

Page 80, under “The Story of Bahira.”

lat and uzza-hate

One of the men of Quraysh said, ‘By al-Uit and al-‘Uzzil, we are to blame for leaving behind the son of ‘Abdullah b. ‘Abdu’l-Mugalib.’ Then he got upand embraced him and made him sit with the people. When Bahira saw him he stared at him closely, lookiog at his body and findmg traces of his description (in the Christian books). When the people had finished eating and gone away, Bahira got up and said to him, :Boy, I ask you by al-Lat: and al-‘Uzza to answer my question. Now Bahira saId this only because he had heard his people swearing by these gods. They allege that the apostle of God said to him, “DO NOT ASK ME BY AL-LAT AND AL- UZZA, FOR BY ALLAH, NOTHING IS MORE HATEFUL TO ME THAN THESE TWO.”

Taken from “MUHAMMAD” By Haykal.

3. Page 70. Prophet Muhammad DESTROYED the IDOLS.

To this he replied with the words used by the Prophet Joseph when his brothers came to Egypt: ‘God forgives you and He is the Most Merciful of the merciful.’ Later the Prophet (pbuh) went to the hill of Safa and there the crowd followed him and surged forward, taking his hand one by one, to declare themselves Muslim. He then turned to the Ka’bah and, pointing his staff at the three hundred and sixty-five idols which were placed there, recited from the Qur’an: “… Truth has come and falsehood has vanished away. Lo! Falsehood is ever bound to vanish”. (Qur’an 17.81)  AT THIS, EACH IDOL FELL OVER ONTO ITS FACE. Together with his followers the Prophet (pbuh) then proceeded to purify the Ka’bah, after which he ordered Bilal to climb on top of it and perform the call to prayer.


Then the monk went to Abu Talib and asked him how he was related to Muhammad (pbuh). Abu Talib told him that Muhammad (pbuh) was his son. Bahira replied that this could not be so because the boy was destined to grow up an orphan, and he ordered Abu Talib to watch over Muhammad (pbuh) with great care. There are many stories told about Mohammed‟s youth. Some tell of how he used to take the family’s sheep to graze and was always kind to them. While they grazed he would sit thinking about the mysteries of nature. UNLIKE THOSE AROUND HIM HE NEVER  WORSHIPPED THE IDOLS AND NEVER SWORE BY THEM.

5. page 54. Idol worship belongs to Pagan Quraysh. Not belong to Prophet and Muslims.

Knowing that they could not defeat the Muslims themselves, some of the leaders of the exiled Jews secretly went to Mecca to enlist the help of Quraysh. Knowing what the Meccans would like to hear, they pretended to believe in the same things. They said that they thought that the old Arab tradition was better than the teachings of the


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