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In 632 A.D., the leader of Najran came to see Prophet Muhammad with a request. There were 60 visitors. Their leaders were Al Asqaf, Al Aquib Abdul Messiah, Abu Allquama, and his brother Kurz who later became a Muslim. The Jews and the Christians met with the Prophet and argued about Prophet Abraham(pbuh). The Jews said he was a Jew and the Christians said he was a Christian; Sura 3: 80 (Al Imran) describes this event.

The Christians of Najran (south of Makkah) visited the Prophet in Medina in 632 A.D. He allowed the Christians to pray in his Mosque. These Christians prayed facing the east. They accepted to be under the rule of the Prophet and the Muslims. In the pact they would be protected and allowed to practice their religion. At a later time, they became Muslims because of the teachings of Islam and the fair treatment they had received. The Prophet and five of his companions signed the pact with his seal. They were: Abu Sofian,
Gelan Bin Omro, Malek Bin Off, Alaqraeh Bin Habes, and Al Mogerah Bin Shobah. Read Sura 3:55-71.
When the Christians of Najran visited him in Medina, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) removed his outer robe and placed it on the floor for his visitors to sit on. He always used to greet his guests in this manner. Still today Muslims follow his teachings and
tradition. These Christians slept in Prophet Muhammad’s Mosque for three days and he fed them. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) borrowed money from Jewish people, and even ate the food that Christians and the Jewish “Themies” people offered the prophet. The “Themy” are the Jews and Christians living under the protection of the Islamic

During the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), a Muslim killed a Christian. The Prophet held a trial and the Muslim confessed to the murder. The Prophet ordered that the Muslim be put to death. During the time of Calipha Omar, another Muslim murdered a
Christian. After providing the man’s guilt, Omar turned the guilty Muslim over to the Christians. The Christians put the man to death.
During the time Ali the fourth Calipha, a Muslim from the tribe of Bani Buker killed a Christian from the area called Al Haerah. Ali had enough evidence to know that the Muslim was guilty and thepunishment was death. The brother of the Christian victim said not to put the Muslim to death. Ali asked him twice if someone had threatened him, and he answered no. Then Ali told the victim’s brother that he was responsible for this decision, to spare the Muslim’s life.
When Calipha Omar entered Jerusalem in 638 A.D., the patriarch (a Christian religious leader) of the Christian church invited Omar to pray in the church. Omar said he would like to pray in the church but was concerned that after he died, the Muslims would say
they had the right to change the church to a Mosque because Omar had prayed there. Therefore, Omar decided that he would pray outside the church. Calipha Omar once saw an old Jewish man in Medina asking Muslims for money. Omar asked him why he was begging. The old man said he was poor, old and needed money because the Jewish and the Christian people under Islamic rule had to pay a compensation tax (Jezia). Omar said the tax was to be used for protection and as a pension to help the old Christians and Jews. Then Omar ordered welfare benefits for him and all the Christians and the
Jews that were eligible.
Muslims are not allowed to destroy wine stores or kill pigs that belong to the Christians and the Muslim history testifies to that. But these things were allowed in the houses belonging to the Christians and churches only. If Muslims destroyed any of these,
they had to pay compensation to the Christians who owned them.

Source:  PROPHET Muhammad The last Messenger in the Bible, Written By: KAIS AL KALBY


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