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Press TV has conducted an interview with Moufid Jaber, from the Center for Middle East Studies and Public Relations from Beirut, about a former Pentagon official revealing that US President Barack Obama ignored the threats of ISIL for at least one year despite being given detailed intelligence about their advancements.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: I’d like you to first of all weigh in on this revelation coming from this former Pentagon official that the US President Barrack Obama in fact ignored the hints of the rising to power of the ISIL?

Jaber: You know it is my personal opinion that the CIA and the Obama administration was well aware of the strength of ISIL. Now what they did is that they are trying to portray it as being either an activity on part of the President or incompetence on part of the CIA.

So they are sacrificing their own reputation to hide what the actual truth is. The truth is that ISIL is not operating alone. On one hand it had the funding from major powers in the region especially from private funders and Saudi Arabia and the Emirates and Kuwait but most importantly very few people can doubt that ISIL was strengthened through intelligence channels especially the CIA and the MOSSAD.

Now the Americans are trying to portray it in a sense that they were not aware that ISIL was so strong but they are trying to hide the fact that the entire purpose of ISIL is to divide the region and most importantly it is a pretext to give the Kurds, a pretext for the Kurds to gain weapons from the West because had it not been for the threat of ISIL, the West would not have been able to give weapons to the Kurds that the  Kurds would use in a confrontation in the future with the central Iraqi government because it is very well known that one of the main purposes  of Israel in the region, one of the main strategies of Israel in the region is to strengthen the Kurds and to make it so that they have their own independent state because as we well know the Kurds have strong diplomatic relations with Israel and what they are seeking now, what Israel is seeking now is for Israel to have a base that is on the borders of Iraq and Iran and Syria and Turkey.

So the whole purpose of ISIL which was backed by the United States and by the MOSSAD is to gain strength in the region and to give a pretext most importantly to the Kurds because now the Kurds are gaining weapons from the US, from France, from Germany and the UK. Under any other scenario the Kurds would not have been able to gain weapons from the West.

So the whole purpose is for the US to have a pretext to arm the Kurds that the Kurds would use these weapons in a future confrontation with the central Iraqi government and this is a danger that we should all be aware of. We should not be naïve as to what ISIL is. It is an intelligence creation of American and Israeli intelligence. The purpose of which is to divide the region and to wreak havoc. 

Press TV: Mr. Jaber, in your opinion how does the United Sates explain their inconsistency with their approach to the ISIL terrorists? It was a support that the United Sates and its allies in the region gave to militants in Syria that ultimately led to the rise of the ISIL and now on the other hand when they infiltrated into Iraq and take large parts of Iraq they are attacking them and carrying out attacks to stop their advancement?

Jaber: They only started carrying out the attacks against ISIL once ISIL reached the borders of Kurdistan. When ISIL was taking over Anbar we did not see any action on part of the American government. When ISIL was killing, massacring Shiites in Iraq, we were not seeing any kind of action on part of the US.

The US allowed for the Islamic state to expand, they allowed it to gain ground in such a way that they would impose their authority on the Sunni regions in Iraq in order to fragment Iraq even further.

So the Americans were very well aware of the extent of the strength of ISIL. They were very well aware of the plans that the ISIL had. You know ISIL has such tactical and strategic prowess that it is inconceivable that it is operating alone in such a way that they are able to outfox and outsmart everyone in the region.

No, ISIL, all of the parties in the region, be it the Sunnis or the Shias, they are being played like pawns because the Americans are claiming to have been not knowledgeable of the strength of ISIL and they are doing so at the expense of their own reputation and in favor of their own long-term strategic goals. This is what is happening today.

So what happened is that during the civil war, the beginning of the civil war, the revolt in Syria, Saudi Arabia took a certain strategy through Bandar bin Sultan who is now removed from his position in the sense that they would fund and arm such organizations as ISIL in order to gain ground in Syria. The Saudis now are aware of the threat that has happened but the Americans are the ones who are instrumentalizing ISIL in order to accomplish their goals in the region. 

And also there is a journalist in Georgia who conducted an investigation, he conducted an investigation in Georgia and found out that the commander of ISIS turned out to be an operative of the Georgian intelligence. 


Source: http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2014/09/03/377581/isil-takfiris-created-by-cia-mossad/



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